Among our customers – קליגל

Our customers

"Excellent excellent software (!) And every other word is unnecessary. Saving working hours. No less. Plenty of blessings for all concerned"

Guy Alon
Blatter, Gut Aloni & Co.

Highly recommend! The court has already commented to me that this is a high-quality and professional submission!

Ashal Yifrach

Excellent product and excellent service!

Dana Isaac Fiker

The software is excellent, saves paper and endless tinkering with the preparation of appendices.
But most importantly, it's the exceptional service and availability. Just great!

Dana Yarak Zoharovich

"Dor Shalom, I want to express my great appreciation for your initiative in creating the Kliegel program, it saves a lot of hours of technical and syspic work. Well done!"

Yosef Levanertz

"We are more than happy to recommend the use of "Kliegel."
This is a friendly and easy-to-operate software that saves time, errors and makes it significantly easier to work.
It shortens processes and as an office that deals with filing claims on a daily basis, we receive great value in relation to its cost.
The software works smartly, leaves no room for human error and the time saved is worth a lot."


Noah, Efficient, Professional Support Service

Aryeh Zuk

"Kliegel provides us with an excellent and effective solution for preparing claims with appendices and working with documents. The time, the confusion and frustrations we have experienced in many cases - are gone. Apparently only someone who was an intern and a lawyer like Dor could come up with this solution."

Ofer Argov
Zakler Argov Lawyers

Very impressive and smart product!
It's a great place to stay.
The considering of a lot invested in it is very evident.
Thank you for the guidance and the kind attitude.

Weller Deckel
Prof. Omer Dekel
Waller-Dekel, Law Offices

"It's still unclear how this software isn't in every law firm yet?
The software saves so much valuable working time and can't be appreciated with money.
She had to be so expensive...
Thank you so much for an amazing system with amazing service at any given moment. Even at night.
We at Agamon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co. do not move without Kliegel."

Yochai Bresloyer
Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen &Co.

"במשך שנים ההתעסקות הלוגיסטית בהכנת כתבי טענות לצורך הגשתם לבית המשפט גזלה משאבים רבים ובכלל זה זמן יקר של הצוות המקצועי והמנהלי במחלקת הליטיגציה בפירמה. לפני חודשים ספורים רכשנו את תכנת קליגל, תכנה אשר שיפרה וייעלה בצורה דרמטית את כל הלוגיסטיקה הכרוכה בהכנת כתבי טענות והגשתם לבית המשפט. התכנה מאוד ידידותית למשתמש והיא מייעלת את כל תהליך העבודה לכל הצוות המקצועי במחלקת הליטיגציה".

תומר רייף
Zisman, Aharoni, Geyer & Co.

Excellent software.

Erez Milner
Ben-Ari, Fish, Saban & Co.

I filed a defense with 60 appendixes. At first, I feared that the time it would take me to prepare the appendix file, edit aesthetically, unify the files, etc. would be forever! But thanks to the Kliegel software, preparing the appendix file took less than five minutes! Very convenient, user-friendly software with a variety of solutions to streamline work
And save time. Recommended!

Roni Rabinowitz
Crispin Rubintin Belcher & Co.

Amazing software.
A winning answer to a paperless office. Highly recommend.

Tomer Dor

As an intern at a big law firm, I highly recommend Kliegel. This is an easy-to-operate software that significantly shortens time and saves valuable time for all office employees. Also, the support service is professional, courteous and works to fix faults as quickly as possible!

Rotem Rinsky
Lipa Meir &Co.

Simplifies and facilitates work, highly recommended!

Dana Shiloah
Yaakov Salomon Lifshitz & Co.

"As an intern who works a lot with the Caligal - the software makes it very easy to prepare the appendices. In the intern room we thanks ourselves for the kaligel almost every day, so it is really important to note. In addition, the option that the Kelgel outputs computerized appendixes... Also saves waste of paper and prints for nothing, because it is easy and simple to check the appendixes in a computerized way.... In conclusion, I will note again that this is a really great program..."

Daniel Avital
M. Firon &Co. -

Shortens the preoccupation with paperwork significantly.
A must in any office
Rare customer service.
Just Kliegel.

Israel Bardugo
CEO, Media Company

Our office started using Keligal six months ago. Since then, there has been a significant improvement in the process of preparing the documents for submission. A work that was under pressure, taking precious time and considerable investment, became a simple and routine operation. Kliegel shortens and in fact almost does the technical work towards submissions of legal documents, allowing the firm's staff to concentrate on the substantive work. In addition, Kliegel's support service is exceptional!

chen Glaser
Koslitz & Co.

"Kliegel is an amazing program that saves me valuable time. Your customer service is among the fastest I've come across, keep it up! Thank you for everything"

Yuval Kokonowski
Ephraim Abramson &Co.