Our Story

“About six months after completing my internship, while I was working at a Big Law firm, I had asked to finish up preparing a pleading to the court. I was aiming to finish the submission quickly and to go home at the usual time.

Surprisingly I found myself working late hours in the office, but not for legal work! I was arranging, editing, printing, and numbering the various appendices required to accompany the request. When I thought I was all done and good to go, the partner I was working with decided that one of the attached documents had to be taken out. Inevitably I had to start all the work from scratch.

That’s when I set my mind to develop a software that would allow lawyers to perform manual day-to-day task easily and automatically”.

Dor Goldiner, Cligal Founder & CEO

Our goal is to develop tools that assist lawyers, not trying to replace them

As former lawyers in Big Law firms, we deeply understand the legal work and difficulties that it involves. Cligal doesn’t aim to solve those problems. On the contraire, we strongly believe that much of the legal work requires experiment and judgement which algorithms cannot provide.

However, in the legal day-to-day work there are routine manual tasks that should NOT be performed manually in the modern age. Lawyers and legal firms can and should be more efficient, first and foremost, to save their own time for substantial legal work.

Cligal meets its users in those transactions; where time is spent unnecessary and the machine can perform the subject tasks better and faster than our human workers – whether there are lawyers, articled clerks or paralegals.

We constantly adding extra features in order to better streamline the work on legal documents. Most of our features are tailor-made solutions for the legal industry. They are suited for both Big Law firms, sole practitioners or government bodies.

One-Stop-Shop for all your document automation tools

Cligal (i.e. – Click + Legal) is desktop software that helps prepare legal documents. Among its key features are:

  • Prepare annexes and appendixes (electronic bundles) for court;
  • Digitally sign clients and execute certificate-based signatures;
  • Redact sensitive or confidential information within a document;
  • Manage and Create e-binders for M&A transactions;
  • Fill-up document templates and forms;
  • Create and edit PDF documents in various ways; merge, split, compress, reorder, number, edit, watermark and much more.

    We are constantly adding new features and upgrades! Check out our new releases.

About the team and the company

Cligal is incorporated as Cligal-Tech Ltd., a Tel-Aviv based Israeli company. Started on 2018, we are currently the leading legal software in Israel with more than 7,500 lawyers in more than 1,000 law firms. The company’s clientele includes more than 90% of the law firms ranked in Legal500 and Chambers in Israel, including: The Ministry of Justice, The Israeli Parliament, Herzog Fox & Neeman, Meitar Lawyers, Shibolet & Co. Law Firm, S.Horowitz & Co., Gornitzky GNY, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz & Co., and more.

Cligal’s team includes former lawyers, top-notch developers and UI experts; all of which are in frequent contact with our clients, working together to make Cligal better. Cligal grows organically since 2018, relying on recommendations and customer-centric to approach new markets.

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