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Cligal: All the tools you need working with documents - in one software.

Cligal allows you to edit and produce documents for legal purposes quickly and digitally. The use of the software shortens working hours, saves unnecessary prints, prevents human error, and raises the quality of products produced by the lawyers.

Using Cligal, users can prepare appendixes for claims, affidavits and agreements in a matter of minutes; send documents to client signature; blacken sensitive information from documents; To merge, split, rotate, and number several documents of different types; Fill out forms and personal templates easily and quickly; Send clients questionnaires forms to meet the customer; And more. 

Cligal connects and interfaces with the popular and familiar management software, including iManage – allowing you to enjoy comfortable, efficient and secure work with sensitive documents.

The software supports all types of relevant files: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, HTML, various image files (PNG, JPG, TIFF), and more.


Preparing appendices for claims, agreements and lawyers opinions in a few minutes of all relevant file types.

Scanning the claims to find the names of the appendices

Create index, cover pages, and watermark

Hebrew, English and Arabic support

Saving and loading projects

Convenient and simple creation of sub-appendices

Different formatting, layout, and numbering options

Bundle division by size or number of pages

Editing the appendices during the work (blackening, shrinking, merging, rotating, etc.).

Sign and get signatures

Send documents for convenient and secure digital signing without printing

Through Cligal’s signing module, lawyers can send documents to clients or colleagues to sign them. The lawyer marks the document where the client should sign, and sends him a link to the document with a one-time automatically manufactured password. After the client enters the signature page (supports Hebrew and English languages) and has signed the document, the lawyer will automatically receive it by email.

You can also save and add personal signatures on the Signature screen.

You can add the firm’s logo to the signature page.

Fill Templates

Using the document generator, you can fill in several personal document templates according to the relevant values.

The module includes checking the integrity of the IDs by the check digit.

You can use the Excel sheet to generate documents based on the data that appears in the different rows of the sheet.

You can also convert the entire document to unsearchable.

Meet the Client

Interactive Questionnaires for sending clients for identification and familiarity of the client according to the requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Law, 5770-2000.

There are different templates for the questionnaire forms according to the legal practices.

At the end of the questionnaire, the customer is required to attach a photo of an ID card, and a check is carried out.

Users of the module can design the questionnaire page with the firm’s logo to match the page to the firm’s brand colors.


In the Redact window, you can blacken and hide sensitive information in the documents.

The use of Cligal’s blackening prevents any possibility that the blackened content will be exposed.

You can also convert the entire document to unsearchable.

Merging, arranging and shrinking documents

In the Merging window, you can merge documents of different types and select relevant pages from each document.

In the Shrink window, you can reduve documents that weigh a lot to reduce their memory size.

Split a document and replace pages with an existing document

In the Split window, you can split a document by page numbers or size in MB. You can also use tags to split the document by topic.

In the exchange window, alternate pages can be replaced and “planted” within an existing document.


In the Edit window, you can use different tools to change the contents of a document:

Insert text or a picture on the document. 

Coloring content in a specific location in the document.

Insert a watermark on all or some pages in your document.  

Rotate certain pages in a document or all.

Add numbering to the document.