Cligal - Legal Automation Software
Streamline your Work on Legal Documents

Cligal enables efficient and convenient work on documents: preparing appendixes for agreements and claims writings, blackening or hiding confidential information, signing and signing clients,   editing of various types of documents, questionnaires for customer identification and recognition, automatic filling out forms and document templates, and more.

Working without printing saves costs and contributes to environmental protection!

The most popular software in Israel among litigators!

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Among our clients:

Herzog Fox Neman & Co.

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Firon & Co.

Fischer Bechar Chen Wall Orion & Co.

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For Litigators. By Litigators

Dedicated functions tailored to the needs of lawyers: preparation of appendixes, blackening of confidential information, digital signing, filling out forms, and more.

Simple and easy to use

A convenient interface with a s range of tools required to edit PDFs and work on documents: consolidation, splitting, rotating, editing, marking, numbering, shrinking, replacing pages, and more.

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Secured and private

In Cligal, the documents remain on your computer, and do not go to an external server for conversion or editing. There is no concern about leaking sensitive or confidential documents to third parties.

Cligal allows you to convert and edit all relevant file types

Tomer Raif, partner and director of litigation at The International Firm Zisman, Aharoni, Geyer & Co.

"For years, the logistical preoiration of preparing claims for the purpose of submitting them to the court has taken up many resources, including the valuable time of the professional and administrative staff in the firm's litigation department. A few months ago, we acquired Cligal Software, a program that has dramatically improved and increased all the logistics involved in preparing claims and submitting them to the court. The software is very user-friendly and streamlines the entire working process for all professional staff in the litigation department."

Why did I develop Cligal?

About six months after I graduated, I worked one day on a request to consolidate proceedings. I was going to prepare the application for submission and go home at the usual time. From here to there, I found myself working late in the office, arranging, editing, printing, and numbering the various appendixes required to accompany the request. When I thought I was done, I found out that one of the documents that was attached had to be taken out and I had to start all the work from the beginning. Or so I decided to develop a program to assist lawyers in the technical work, and so Kliegel (Dor Goldiner, Key Kliegel) was born.

Cligal streamlines work and raises productivity

  • The streamline allows the lawyers to engage in substantial legal work and increase the quality of products, rather than wasting important and valuable time on performing technical actions that can be performed computerized and automatically.
  • The use of Keligal prevents human error Such as typos, incorrect markups, incorrect numbering, and page sprabing, and more. Kliegel preserves the highest quality documents, as they are resused or obtained from customers.
  • Klegel includes a variety of tools for working comfortably with PDFs: consolidation, splitting, rotation, numbering, editing, blackening, watermark, and many options that alleed with the need for other PDF software.
  • Kliegel interfaces with the leading document management software (DMS), allowing users a convenient and efficient workflow within the workspace.


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