Use Automation for Litigation

Crate e-binders and bundles
Digitally sign your customers
Auto fill your forms and templates
Enroll new clients with digital questionnaires
Edit your PDF: merge, redact, split, compress, etc.

Cligal is used by more than 1,000 law firms!

Our customers include thousands of lawyers: The Ministry of Justice, the 30 largest law firms in Israel, hundreds of independent lawyers, legal departments in government bodies and public companies, and more.

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Cligal raises lawyers’ productivity!

For lawyers and law firms loss of work hours equals loss of income. Cligal’s goal is to minimize the lawyer’s paperwork and technical work in order to allow him to concentrate on billable hours. 

Cligal is constantly improving and since 2018 (when the first version of the product came out), dozens of functions and capabilities have been added to the software. We accompany all our customers personally with ongoing and immediate technical training and support. 

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Secure and private

Documents remain on your computer, and are not uploaded to an external server. There is no risk of sensitive or confidential documents being leaked to third parties.

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Custom-made for lawyers

Prepare appendices and documents for submission, redact confidential information, digital stamping, fill out forms and document templates, and more.

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Paper saver

Working with Cligal completely eliminates the need to print documents and thus saves costs and contributes to the preservation of the environment.

The most worthwhile solution!

Everything you need in one program:

In addition, Cligal allows you to convert, merge and edit all relevant file types:

Cligal streamlines work and increases productivity